Séries favorites du moment — Partie 1

— Bates Motel, Scream Queens — Bonjour à tous, Hello world, Véritables moments de détente, les séries prennent de nos jours une place considérable dans nos vies. De plus en plus nombreuses, étoffées, ingénieuses, il est facile de se laisser emporter par les flots de l’intrigue, de s’attacher aux personnages, d’analyser l’histoire, la vie et … Continue reading Séries favorites du moment — Partie 1

Wonderful Classic Games, Back to the Childhood.

Hello world, I used to play “many” games on my devices and as a “fan” of Disney (if I can qualify myself like this), I downloaded the Disney pack on the AppStore : https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app-bundle/disney-platformer-pack!/id1012086806?mt=8 I don’t regret my purchase at all. These two games are wonderful, especially on the beautiful Retina screen and with the power … Continue reading Wonderful Classic Games, Back to the Childhood.

New Favorite Series

 Google-MacBook-Pro-PIxabayHello world,

After watching the 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother (awesome and funny) I discovered this great series : Devious Maids.

From the first episode, I literally loved this series! Story, actors’ play, decor, are wonderful.

A story about life of Latina maids in Beverly Hills (LA) and their rich employees at the same time, with investigations and mysteries finely made.

Personally, my fav characters are : Evelyn (funny, sarcastic, majestic lady, haughty and with a mysterious personality not without a few sensibility) , Peri (funny, awful behavior, infernal, hysteric, strong, really insensitive, haughty star)  Adrian (funny, dishonest, dirty, smart wheeler-dealer), Carmen (very funny, little diva, strong, determined and in fact sensitive and fair), Genevieve (funny, sensitive, generous, a little superficial and naive, nice person), Taylor (complicated, sensitive, nice, trying to assert herself in the high society of Beverly Hills), Marysol (funny, smart, strong, determined, generous, trying to be fair and honest), Rosi (funny, generous, a little naive in appearance but not stupid, friendly) and Olivia (insane, determined, funny).

Season 1 and Season 3 are my favorite.

If you like prominent neighbourhoods of Beverly Hills and liked Desperate Housewives, you’ll love Devious Maids. It’s a little bit similar but with more mysteries, investigations and suspense.

I cant’t wait anymore for the season 4… But it’ll be out at the next summer, be much patient…

Now, I always have this weird feeling of vacuum or lack when I finish a series or movie.

The Grand Hotel series and others movies whose some romantic warrior movies are waiting me anyway. By the way, Suite Française, in the context of the WWII, was so beautiful, very talented actors.

Yes, I Continue reading “New Favorite Series”

Unforgettable Place

Hello world, I’m still on holidays for one month. Glad. Summer is my favorite season. Summer all the year here would be fantastic… But not very convenient to work, study, I concede. So after eating this delicious snack (love so much churros), I wrote this short article on a special place I visited. During this summer, … Continue reading Unforgettable Place